Monday, July 20, 2009

Hop aboard: the Literary Road Trip

If you're the sort of person who meanders into the "local" section of bookstores when you are on vacation or who reads up on the area of the country or the world you'll be visiting long before your suitcase is packed, the Literary Road Trip is a concept you'll love. Hosted by Michelle at Galleysmith, this is a way to showcase local authors from your state, region, country. Interested bloggers can sign up to review books from their area. But it's not just bloggers, publishers and authors can suggest books as well. I signed up to showcase North Carolina books and authors. Hopefully others will join me too so we can cover more than I can do alone. I don't know exactly what I'll be reading and reviewing for your North Carolina reading pleasure yet, but I thought I'd leave a link to Jim the Boy by Tony Earley which I read earlier this year and which is a delightful NC novel.

If you have any suggestions as to my future NC reading, feel free to leave me a comment and if you feel so inclined, go sign up to be a tour bus driver for this road trip. And I'll see you in the "local" section browsing away each and every time I go on vacation.


  1. Welcome! I hope you enjoy the trip, I know I'm very excited to learn more about North Carolina authors.


  2. Great idea!!!!

    I get confused Outer Banks...NC or SC?? LOL I'm thinking of all the Siddons books. Looking forward to seeing more :)

  3. Jim the Boy was my son's favorite book when he was in 6th grade! I haven't thought of that in years!

  4. Hey there. You won my book giveaway. I emailed for your address but I'm not sure you got it.


  5. It's good to have you at Literary Locals too! I'm so excited to hear about NC authors!


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