Monday, January 3, 2022

Belated Holiday Greetings from Our House to Yours

We hope you all enjoy the photo on the card. K. had been hoping the boys would clean themselves up for it. Instead, R. donned her own beard. If that doesn’t sum up year two of a pandemic, I don’t know what does. In many ways, although it felt like the year that wasn’t, we did actually do some stuff beside eat foods of questionable age out of the freezer. Another year of pandemic, another year of the K, year in review. So here’s 2021 for your reading pleasure:

January: No idea. Pretty sure we sat around the house watching the paint peel, just like the rest of you.

February: K. had eye surgery this month. She’s worn glasses/contacts since 7th grade so it was confusing for her brain to see things clearly. Old dog, new tricks and all of that. In between having her eyes done (one at a time), she definitely proved how old she was by developing a kidney stone and ending up in the ER. Because she always strives to be exceptional, it was huge (6mm) and lithotripsy was out of the question. So she turned into the best hydrated person on the planet to try and flush it out (literally).

March: K. continued to have to pee through a sieve as last month’s kidney stone slowly worked towards her bladder. She turned 50 this month and got her vaccine too. You know she’s officially old if she’s sharing all of her health problems! For the drive-thru vaccine clinic, she forgot to wear clothing that would make her arm easily accessible, so she stripped off to her bra at a stoplight on her way. Apologies to anyone who had to witness that! She did find a rain poncho in the car to put on so she wasn’t half naked but with only one button holding the two sides together, she had to do some creative seatbelt and poncho origami to keep herself even kind of covered up. The charades version of this story is way better than the written version. Sorry.

April: After K.’s thousandth urologist appointment and no stone ever appearing in the sieve, an x-ray showed it had completely disappeared. Clearly she’s magic (or medically weird but that seems to amount to the same thing here). D. and K. went to the unofficial Sailing Parents Weekend at Miami to hang out with the T. and the crazy (see why T. fits right in?) sailors. D. thoroughly enjoyed reliving his college party years. The less said about that, the better. R. and her boyfriend adopted a stray kitten this month. If you want to really stress D. out, call Huron his grandcat.

May: R. started an internship in Columbus this month and got to enjoy living with Aunt C. Meanwhile, in North Carolina, we started a master bathroom renovation. K., having learned from last year’s construction disasters, left for Michigan with T. and his girlfriend in hopes of avoiding all the chaos. She chose everything before she left but no one will be surprised to know that there were numerous emails and Facetime calls for opinions and decisions anyway.

June: T. became the third K. to work at Les Cheneaux Culinary School as a waiter. As far as we know he did not spill on anyone, not even us when we went in to harass him.
July: Since R. was moving from one house to another several streets over and had no furniture of her own, K. and D. unloaded the basement into a U-Haul and drove from Charlotte to Cincinnati to provide her, her boyfriend, and a roommate with more stuff than they ever wanted. It was all given to her with an explicit “no give backs” clause. K. returned the U-Haul with both wing mirrors still attached, which was in doubt there for a while given the narrow, narrow streets near the U. of C. T. worked at sailing camp again this year. One of these years he’s going to learn something. 😉

August: K. formally became the Communications Chair for the yacht club up by the cottage, a position she agreed to last winter when she was pandemic bored. T. sailed in Ensign Nationals in Marquette this month. He delayed going back to school by a couple of days when he was invited to sail in it and their boat ended up taking third overall. He loved every minute of it, blistered hands and all.

September: D. started traveling again this month. Everyone will be thrilled to learn that he didn’t lose any status on the airlines or at hotels because of the pandemic. I guess they don’t take away anybody’s goodies when no one is going anywhere. Such a relief! (Blatant sarcasm intended.) W. organized a cousin’s meet-up this month in Cincinnati for the Miami-Cincinnati game since 4 W. grandchildren go to Miami, one to Cincinnati, and W. just loves college football. Pretty sure we only heard the sanitized version of that get together. Miami hosted the Acton Up Regatta this month. R. sailed in it (UC took first) and T., aka Bandaid Boy (the team’s Safety Officer), was on the committee boat. T. says UC only won because he wasn’t sailing in it. We’re all still looking forward to the first time the two youngest Ks sail head to head. No idea who will win but there sure will be some spectacular smack talk in the lead up to it. T. sailed in his first college regatta at the Buckeye Invite since last year’s stuff was all unsanctioned and unofficial. Ask him about the wind speed (practically non-existent) if you want to hear his excuses for their 8th place finish (UC took first although R. didn’t sail in it). All five Ks went up to Columbus for Dave’s dad’s 80th birthday at the end of the month.

October: K. and D. headed to Ohio for a second weekend in a row for Miami Parents Weekend. T. and R. were probably tired of seeing them so frequently but neither of them turned down meals, gas, and resupplies on mom and dad’s credit card. We’re considering that a win.

November: D. turned 50 this month and the only thing that made hitting that milestone birthday okay for him was anticipating his birthday trip to Cancun in December (on which our boat was pulled over by the Mexican police, because of course it was).

And every month, Samuel (Sammy) L. Catson (5 or 6?) continued to tolerate us since we are the keepers of the treats, Ozzie (3) resented being picked up and snuggled because he’s a cat for Pete’s sake, and Gatsby (11) snored happily on K.’s lap because you can always count on a dog’s love.

As the year comes to a close, we once again hope that you are surrounded by peace, love, and happiness now and throughout the coming year.

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