Thursday, June 24, 2010

Things I realized today...

When you haven't really run in months, the lovely muscles in your legs that developed because of running will slowly fade back into the amorphous stumpiness that are your regular, unfit legs.

Just having to hook your bra on the tightest set of hooks, is no guarantee that you've lost weight. As a matter of fact, in my case, it's more likely that the poor elastic is so strained it is slowly losing the fight to keep the girls hitched up (or the bra is officially old, which could be true in this instance too).

When all of your chin hairs grow in at the same pace, you can double as your spouse with a five o'clock shadow, even if it is only 9am. This is not what I envisioned whenever I hear that spouses start to resemble each other after years together.

The scale number can be the same as it has been for months (weight loss plateau my big fat behind, it's becoming the Great Plains) and your pants can be tighter than they were. I knew those brownies were going to go to my arse but this is ridiculous!

When it is beyond humid outside and you go for a run (see item #1 for reason why), you don't need to worry about chub rub because your upper thighs will glue themselves together with sweat and not come unstuck enough to rub.

Layers in your hair mean you really do need to attempt to style your hair. Either that or spend a lot of time in the pool under water. This works best when the pool doesn't feel like warm bathwater thanks to ridiculously high temps.

The car's air conditioner will only give up the ghost on the hottest day of the summer thus far and only when you are faced with a very long drive in less than a week. Anyone else think D. is going to be suspicious if I tell him the a/c is out in the car after it went out in the house too? I promise neither the HVAC guy or the mechanic were good looking enough to warrant another call and additional hours in their company!

Printing luscious looking dessert recipes from the internet is nearly as satisfying as eating them and more satisfying than taking the time to make them. Truly, it's a diet revolution. And I apologize in advance to all the trees giving up their lives so I can drool over my stacks of personally selected food porn.


  1. I am laughing out loud here - such a funny post!

  2. Those freaking chin hairs. WHY?! and WHY NOW, when I have enough problems?

  3. I am laughing me head off Kristen; thanks for the laugh!

  4. Kristen, you are awesome! Thanks for keeping it real.


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