Saturday, June 12, 2010

Japanese Literaure Challenge

I know, yet another challenge, as if I didn't flood the blog with a bunch a couple of months ago (and still have a load in my e-mail that I have never officially signed-up for which I fully intend to get around to eventually). But I got myself a copy of The Housekeeper and the Professor by Yoko Ogawa and not only do I have a lovely, shiny copy, but I nominated it for one of my online book groups and lo and behold, that dance I did under the last blue moon did the trick and it was chosen for the next schedule. ::note to self--buy lottery ticket:: Then I started seeing posts for this challenge and they all say that you are only required to read one book. Well, I should probably read my choice for the book group and it fits the challenge too. What serendipity. What bliss. I might even dig around in the stacks to see what else I have hanging around that would fit the guidelines too. Then again, wouldn't want to get too crazy! In any case, should you want to join in too and read something not in the American/Western European tradition, pop over to the Japanese Literature Challenge 4 blog and get yourself signed up.

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