Saturday, June 5, 2010

Saturday Shout-Out

On my travels through the blogging world, I find many books that pique my interest. I always add them to my wish list immediately but I tend to forget who deserves the blame credit for inspiring me to add them to my list (and to whom my husband would like to send the bill when I get around to actually buying them). So each Saturday I'm going to try and keep better track, link to my fellow book ferreter-outers (I know, not a word but useful nonetheless), and hopefully add to some of your wish lists too.

At Home by Bill Bryson was mentioned on Stuck in a Book where a better cover illustration is pictured.

Safe from the Sea by Peter Geye was mentioned on Caribousmom although given that I sank a boat last summer (also on the Great Lakes) perhaps I shouldn't add this one to my list!

The Wishing Trees by John Shors was mentioned on Bibliophile by the Sea.

The Lost and Forgotten Languages of Shanghai by John Shors was mentioned on My Friend Amy.

What goodies have you added to your wish lists recently? Make your own list and leave a comment here so we can all see who has been a terrible influence inspiring you lately.


  1. LOL...but just take a look at what great titles you might have missed :) enjoy!

    Thanks Kristen

  2. John Shors is on my wish list - I keep seeing all these positive posts about his work! I am really looking forward to reading Peter Geye's book...just the cover alone is wonderful!! Thanks for the link love :)

  3. I've read a few Bill Bryson books- his Australia one, which has various names depending on where you are, and I can never remember which one is which, A Walk in the Woods.And I enjoyed the both greatly. I learnt stuff about Australia from his book, and even journeyed an hour to see something he raved about but that I had never seen. But for some reason I've developed an almost pathological need to rush out and buy his books when they come out. I don't do this with anyone else and I don't quite understand it. I have bought three (3!) different versions of A Short History of Everything, and whilst I did start one, I haven't completed any of them- but that doesn't stop me buying new versions. So of course within seconds of seeing Home in the shops I had bought it and lugging it home. I would have liked to have brought it with me for holiday reading, but I already had my holiday reading picked out, and didn't feel I could squeeze it in the suitcase. We have a much nicer cover available in Australia too.


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