Friday, March 19, 2010

It's the dog's fault

(Not my dog and not my bed but you get the idea.)

I blame the dog. It's all her fault. If she wasn't such a bad influence, being all soft and furry and sweet looking, I would be ever so much better about cracking the whip and getting down to exercise. As it is, the minute I walk in the door from taking T. to the bus stop, she runs back to my bed and leaps up, ready to snuggle back down in the warmth. And who am I to deprive her? So you see, my lack of motivation is all because of her. And before any smart alecks suggest I could take the dog for a walk, the last time I tried this, I broke her. Yes, one measly short walk and she tore her ACL. So dog walking as exercise is just the equivalent to one large vet bill and a broken dog.

I'm still trying to figure out who (beside myself because where's the fun in owning my own bad behaviour?) to blame for my recent eating binges too. All I have to say about that is that it is certainly not my fault that M&M's were on sale two weeks before bookclub. And it's also not my fault that it was a better deal financially to buy the jumbo bag than a small bag. Peanuts have protein so having them for lunch and then dinner and then lunch again wasn't too outside the realm of reasonable, right? Ok, maybe it wasn't the smartest thing to bring into the house. But I mean, if I left some in the ginormous bag, it would be just like having leftovers. And nobody in this house likes that, so it was just better to eat them all, right? Oh, and sorry fellow book club friends, there will be no M&M's at our meeting next week. But since I saved you all from terrible overindulgence, well, just know that's the kind of friend I am.

So yeah. The non-resolution about eating healthier and exercising more hasn't exactly been a raging success yet. But it's still on the agenda, if for no other reason than the fact that the vast amounts of very lily-white skin I will be exposing between the too short bottoms of my shirts and the too small and tight shorts in my drawers resembles nothing so much as the source of all the lard Southern cooks like to use in such abundance. And that is most assuredly not pretty. I'd like to cover the fleshly real estate without having to spend money on larger clothing. As T. wrote in his paragraph about what our family is doing to participate in the All-Star Healthy Challenge, "We [I] could do better."


  1. We call it "Basilification" -- Basil is the cat. He's a snuggler, and he purrs. How can I dump him from my lap and cruelly go out to exercise? He needs his nap! Napping is very important to cats.

    Still working on how he keeps me opening the cookie jar for a little snack...

  2. It is a major issue to exercise for some of us book lovers ---ummm read a book or get off my butt and go for a walk -- I find many reasons not to exercise, but I try just 30 minute walk each morning.

  3. Such a cute picture! LOL! I don't have a dog, but I'm just itching to get one!! Gawd, I can't wait to settle down somewhere soon!


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