Sunday, March 14, 2010

Aussie Author Challenge x2

I have always wanted to visit Australia. When I was in fourth grade, I lucked into a Australian pen-pal through our elementary school librarian. Michelle and I wrote back and forth for many years after that, only losing touch after we were both married with small children. In all that time, I met her once, when she came to the US for a birthday trip that included meeting me. Cool eh? I never did manage to get to Australia to see her though and now she's a long lost pen-pal so I rather suspect that I won't be seeing her there any time soon. But there's always been something about Australia that has captured my imagination. And I can always travel there in my books even if I no longer have a friend to visit there, right? For this, I was tickled to stumble across Booklover Book Review's Aussie Author Challenge and Page Turners Aussie Author Challenge. The rules are slightly different on both but overlap is definitely okay and so I'll be playing along with both.

For Booklover Book Review's challenge, here's my list of three, because I am destined to be nothing more than a tourist, with additional possibilities also to be found on my shelves:

1. Lilian’s Story by Kate Grenville
2. Foreign Correspondence by Geraldine Brooks
3. Death of a River Guide by Richard Flanagan
Tim Winton, Shirley Hazzard, Thomas Keneally, Michelle de Kretser, Andrew McGahan

And for Page Turners' challenge, I will be adding a fourth from the authors also listed above although as I think Foreign Correspondence is non-fiction, I'll have to choose yet another replacement for it for this version of the challenge. That makes me a mere ankle biter for this challenge! I think I'd rather be a joey but since that's not a category, that's not in the cards.


  1. Kristen, you have lots of bookgroup friends to visit in Australia, not just one pen pal...We're all going to be very excited when the first non-Aussie makes it here. Interesting list you've got there BTW. I think I've read Lillian's Story. I loved Dark Places. Loved it. Foreign Correspondence is nonfiction- Geraldine Brooks looks up her old pen pals and visits them- seriously. It's fantastic. And Death of a River Guide was memorable in it's own way. I remember which particular holiday to NZ I was on when I read it (a detail I don't always remember), and I remember bits of it as a kind of shimmery illusion, which is appropriate really.

  2. Thanks for joining me in the Aussie Author Challenge Kristen! Some great authors on your list there - look forward to sharing reviews. [Booklover Book Reviews]

  3. Im so pleased you are doing these challenges, youve got some good books chosen!


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