Saturday, September 26, 2009

Saturday Shout-Out

On my travels through the blogging world, I find many books that pique my interest. I always add them to my wish list immediately but I tend to forget who deserves the blame credit for inspiring me to add them to my list (and to whom my husband would like to send the bill when I get around to actually buying them). So each Saturday I'm going to try and keep better track, link to my fellow book ferreter-outers (I know, not a word but useful nonetheless), and hopefully add to some of your wish lists too.

The Palace of Strange Girls by Sallie Day was mentioned at The Crowded Leaf.

Cleaving by Julie Powell was mentioned at Lesley's Book Nook.

Rowed Trip by Colin and Julia Angus was mentioned at The Written World

What goodies have you added to your wish lists recently? Make your own list and leave a comment here so we can all see who has been a terrible influence inspiring you lately.


  1. I have The Palace of Strange Girls sitting here and I so want to read it.

  2. I hope Rowed Trip is good! I hope to read it sooner rather than later, but I say that about most of my TBR pile!

  3. The Palace of Strange Girls sounds very interesting, gentle and intense all at the same time.

  4. This is a great idea. I was just updating my TBR list today and can't remember where I've found half of the recent additions. But I know they're all from blogs!

  5. Thanks Alayne. I'm sort of uncertain how useful this meme is for other people so it's nice to hear you think it's a good idea. I like the idea of giving credit but if my readers are bored with a list of books I've added to my wishlist, then it isn't terribly productive. Still mulling it over.


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