Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New and improved blogging area

I promised pictures of my desk as it is now to counteract the embarrassingly disastrous set I sent Cathy of Kittling: Books for her Scene of the Blog feature on my blogging space today. Click on any picture to view it larger.

So here's my attempt at revisionist history. (And yes, the desk actually does look like this today, it did yesterday, and with any luck, it will tomorrow.) You can still note the clutter of wires and such under the desk. I have no idea what bit of electronic equipment they go to and so am afraid of throwing them out as a result. You can also see the poor abused desk chair in this picture. It had been in bad shape for years (my water broke in it with my last child over 7 years ago so you know it hasn't been pretty for a long time) but it's only recently that the kids broke the back off of it. Eventually I'll probably get around to getting a new one. Of course, it took about a year for me to actually organize the desk itself, so no telling when eventually might actually come.

The books in this picture are merely one third of the books sitting around that I've already read and need to review. The other two thirds are beside the desk on the CPU. As I review what I've read, I shuffle more books into this spot so the composition here is always changing. If you look closely at the top picture, you can see me with my husband when we had been dating less than a year and were all of 19/20 years old. I still look eactly like that (as far as you know). D. doesn't. I think his hair fled in terror at the prospect of having me by his side 18 years later.

More family photographs and the funny little toy that my grandparents got when I was a small little pudnick. Family lore has it that each time they made the two dangling people flop over the bar, I absolutely chortled with glee. And so they bought it and it spent the next however many years in their house. Now it sits on my desk and makes me smile. And I think it's fitting that it's by my collection of Mr. Putter and Tabby books because they make me smile too.

This is the minimalist corner. As you can tell from the rest, I am a knick-knack person but I managed to keep this side of the top shelf reasonably clutter free although each thing there also has a special meaning.

I guess even when I have tidied up, I am still a bit of a clutter bug. And no, I didn't take any pictures of the rest of the room since it is still as big a mess as it was in the pictures I sent Cathy! Only the desk has improved. So I hope that has satisfied all your dormant peeping-tom tendencies but if not, feel free to ask about anything on the desk or shelves. And be sure to check out Cathy's feature for the "before" pictures.


  1. You cleaned up just for us?? LOL thanks Seriously it looks very nice and comfy too :)

  2. Of course Diane! The sheer shame overwhelmed me. LOL!

  3. I'm impressed that you've got room for decorations on your desk! Mine has no room for anything that does scream "this is a desk!"

  4. Wow, it looks amazing! Now I am eyeing your desk ; ).

  5. I need to do my desk meme. Of course, I couldn't possibly post a picture as is. A wee bit of tidying, perhaps? Soon, though, soon.

  6. I think your before pictures are neater than my blogging space. Also, is that a Willow Tree angel on your shelf? I love those. =)

  7. Mr Putter and Tabby! I loved them too; hadn't thought of them for years. It's the season for Mr. Putter and Tabby pick the pears.

  8. Ok, the chair thing? Might be time for a new one.

    I love that the picture on your desk is an old one, that's so sweet.

  9. Are those Willow Tree knick knacks? I collect those, too. :)

    Diary of an Eccentric

  10. Yes to those who noticed. Those are indeed Willow Tree knick knacks. The one angel is the Angel of Learning and is hugging a book (how appropriate, no?) and the other is the Angel of Beauty and has lilies in her arms.


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