Friday, May 22, 2009

RIP Tannenwald

The cottage I've been going to my entire life is no longer, replaced by what I've been told is shaping up to be a lovely new cottage. The old cottage was sinking dreadfully and I've been assured, each and every time I am ratty (but only because it breaks my heart) about tearing it down instead of fixing it, that it was less expensive to build a new cottage around the old fireplace than to try and renovate what was already there and coated in bat guano. Sometimes I think my parents just tell me these things to shut me up. But in this case they were probably telling the truth (and wanted me to shut up too). I will miss the original Tannenwald dreadfully. All of my summer childhood memories were wrapped up in those brittle and ultimately fragile old walls. RIP Tannenwald.

The view from the cottage arched over by a rainbow.

The old cottage and rock wall that the water used to reach when I was small.

Looking down the front porch.

The side door entrance from the well house.


  1. I hope you memories are quickly formed in the new cottage. If I remember correctly from past Bookmom converations, you would spend a month in the summer there. Are you still able to do that?

  2. Well, we have been spending up to 2 1/2 months there but R.'s dance schedule is putting paid to that plan this year. :-( We'll be lucky to get 3 weeks with her commitments.


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