Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Car clutter

W. is now 12. Well, he's been twelve for almost a full month now so he can sit in the front seat of the car. And let me tell you, there is no greater joy for him than to casually slide into the front seat as his brother and sister are bickering over their spots in the back. But having a constant passenger means I have to give up my office space. Yes, I treat the front passenger seat like many people treat their desks: as a dumping ground. And so for years I've jokingly referred to it as my office. In the past, I rarely have had to excavate the seat since the vast majority of my driving has been of the kiddie carpool variety. But I no longer have that luxury. And usually I don't forget and clutter it up. But today I plumb forgot. So when W. went to get in the car, he had to remove no less than 5 books (3 started and 2 unopened in case I get somewhere and finish all three of the in progress books, don't you know), one coupon folder, assorted coupons not yet organized in the folder, one graduation present and several letters to be mailed, my tennis bag complete with racquet, balls, and checkbook (to pay for the lessons, of course), my purse, one disposable camera needing to be developed, and a few fast food napkins from our last swing through Wendy's on a game night. He's just lucky I've stopped putting so much on there or he could have missed his lesson entirely trying to find upholstery.

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