Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The things you find

In going through boxes and trying to put things away (no easy task given how different the houses are), I have found some very interesting stuff.

We still have paper napkins from our wedding. That's more than 13 years ago for anyone counting. We also have a shameful amount of fast food napkins despite having cut fast food almost completely out of the diet over the past two years.

I have enough moisturizer/lotions to baby the skin of the entire metro Charlotte area. I even have one that is clearly from my childhood. This should tell you how frequently I use it. Ergo, no more for gifts, please!

If I love something, I am a stockpiler. The sheer amount of stationary, purses, and books I own is staggering. Don't be surprised to get a letter from me soon so I can use up some of the stationary. ::grin::

Movers pack anything, just in case. I've unpacked candy wrappers and empty soda cans (because those were clearly necessary to our health and well-being down here).

The contents of a junk drawer look even worse and more useless when seen out of their drawer. But it's a good bet that you'll find something fascinating in there if you take the time to rifle through the mess (so that's where those keys went!!!). Hey look! I can actually touch-up paint all the nicks and dings in the car's finish--not from me, of course. ::wink::

The things you don't find are a little more disturbing. I've unpacked all the bathroom boxes and still haven't found the plunger. That means it is packed somewhere with something that should never be in close contact with a plunger. Come to think of it, nothing should be in close contact with the plunger except the toilet. And we try to minimize even that contact. Makes me cringe to think it could quite possible be with the missing pantry box (and if I have to replace all my spices because they were snugged up to the plunger I will be ticked indeed). It could also be with W.'s sheets and bedding, which is not in his room, nor in his sister's, brother's, or ours. At least the bedding is washable but the idea of it with the plunger still gives me the heebie jeebies.


  1. They packed these rugs from my old house, complete with the "DO NOT PACK" sign attached. Thanks guys, I might need that sign if I ever move again, seeing how well it worked the first time.

  2. I am a firm believer in donations to new house owners. The plunger is my welcome to your new house present every single time. I've bought MORE plungers than most people knew exisited. I'm very close to a new plunger after every use! They are disposable you know!


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