Thursday, August 21, 2008

Middle school orientation

The number one reason never to have children: having to relive the horror that was junior high/middle school with them.

Went to W.'s middle school orientation today. He seemed mostly blase about it. I was too until I realized how old it makes me to have a kid going into 6th grade. Somehow, in my head I'm still 22 (and the hair isn't rapidly greying, the wrinkles aren't settled and starting to sink like the boobs did several years ago, and the joints aren't aching with age). Hard to face the fact that I'm not young and perky anymore. But those 6th graders made me face it. Have kids gotten taller over the years? My son is apparently a shrimp this year so maybe I just haven't noticed. Also, shouldn't someone tell these children that deodorant is a blessed discovery? Loads of tall, stinky, acne-sprouting, braces-wearing children shuffled morosely out of the cafeteria and towards the 6th grade hallway. No wonder these next years are so awful! I feel sorry for them and sorry for me that I'll be immersed in all this for the second time in my life.

And just a taste of what's to come in my life this year-- W. has never met anyone else with his name before (ever). This year there's a *girl* with his name, not only in his grade but in his homeroom. Should make for an interesting year. Oh yeah, she's also about a foot taller than he is. He is so not going to love that. ;-)

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  1. Well, A is safe as long as he sticks to the full length of his name, and if that doesn't work, he can fall back on his middle name.

    My P is probably the only person in the state with his name, so he's not too worried either.


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