Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Major whine

What on earth made me think that training for a marathon would be a good idea at the same time we moved? I must have been on crack! I am totally stressed out; the house is full of boxes; and I am depressed by the overwhelming logistics of getting life back to some new kind of normal. So by all means I should try and squeeze training runs into my life too. And today's run just made everything worse. I could barely motivate myself to get out the door so I was hours past when I normally run (and into the hottest most unpleasant time of day). I didn't drive the route I mapped before running it so not only were the hills rude surprises, but the fact that a street that was supposed to cut through to another neighborhood and didn't--ending in a cul-de-sac--made me stop in astonishment at a mere 3.25 miles (it was supposed to be a 6 mile run). The run felt like cr@p anyway (sore, aching muscles and stiff joints combined with a monster blister on my poor smallest toe) so when the road dead-ended, I had to work really hard to avoid tears. I ran a slight bit more but basically walked home (logging a mile less than I should have total and a good 2 or more miles fewer than I was supposed to *run*). There I avoided unpacking boxes, laid on the couch feeling sorry for myself for about 15 minutes, finally dug through the boxes in the garage to find R.'s dance shoes so she could go to a studio tonight, and drove off in the middle of rush hour to a place I had never been so we wouldn't miss competition try-outs. Result? She's not sure she wants to go back to the studio (they were quite nice to her and to me). So that was worthwhile. Not!

In sum total, what I accomplished today:

1. Destroyed whatever confidence I had in my running.
2. Significantly enlarged the blister that ate Manhattan I've been sporting since the 14 miles run on Saturday.
3. Moped around the house as if it was an Olympic sport and I was in gold medal contention.
4. Ate like cr@p (what else is new this summer?!).
5. Unpacked a grand total of 2 boxes.

I wonder where all my get up and go got up and went?

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