Friday, December 12, 2014

As If I'm Not Bad Eough Just Mouthing Off Here...

I've been given another space on the Internet in which to spread my own kind of Christmas cheer. ::snort:: The lovely Rebecca of I'm Lost in Books asked me to write a post for her Holiday Extravaganza Event. You can see my snarky guest post, check out the other guest posts, and enter to win a whole lot of wonderful books she's giving away. Today's is called Soulless by Amber Garr. I'm hoping there's not a sly nod in my direction when she chose that title for today! Anyway, go check it out.


  1. I was laughing out loud! So many funny parts, but the one I really connected to was My Favorite Things is NOT a holiday song! I've been talking about this for years, every time it comes on the holiday tunes station. One of my other pet peeves, what the heck is wrong with the doll on the island of misfit toys in Rudolph? Everyone else is explainable, but not her :) Happy holidays!

  2. Oh man, your post was so great. I can definitely relate to the awkward, annual parties. About to go to one on Monday... planning to stuff my face with (the blessedly better) food and do a lot of smiling and nodding.

    Also, I always got toothpaste and deodorant in my stocking. Totally acceptable.

    Happy holidays to you!


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