Sunday, February 7, 2010

Winners and an apology from your delinquent blog owner

First of all, why did no one e-mail me and light a fire under my butt about this giveaway?! You all are too darn polite. I completely forgot when I had said the giveaway for The Lonely Hearts Club would end and have blithely been going about my business thinking that it didn't end for at least another couple of days. I live with my head in the clouds, don't you know? So I apologize for being so delinquent in drawing the winners now that I actually checked and see that I called the giveaway closed as of Feb. 1 and promised to post the winners on Feb. 2. ::sigh:: Next time I'm such a colossal failure, someone speak up and save me from myself, will you? So, days late, here are the winners compliments of

Beth (BBRB)

The three of you should check your e-mail (and especially your spam filters) for an e-mail from me. I'll understand if you procrastinate horribly but know that it only slows down you getting your shiny new book from the wonderful people at Big Honcho Media. And don't you think I've slowed you down enough already?!


I have had to disable the anonymous comment option to cut down on the spam and I apologize to those of you for whom this makes commenting a chore. I hope you'll still opt to leave me your thoughts. I love to hear what you think, especially so I know I'm not just whistling into the wind here at my computer.

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