Wednesday, December 30, 2009

A few of my 2010 reading challenges

The end of the year is approaching and that means that it is challenge extravaganza time. I have an obscene number of challenges I want to sign up for despite my rather dismal track record at completing challenges last year. Listed below are a few that don't require dedicated links to my challenge post and/or lists of the books I intend to read. Those that do will be trickling in as I get around to creating each post. In the meantime, here's the first taste of some of what will be directing my reading this coming year (well, at least 'til I go off plot, per usual):

The Most Memorable Memoir Challenge at The Betty and Boo Chronicles plays right into my love of memoirs and only asks participants to read 4 during 2010. I think I can definitely do this one!

The 2010 Ontheporchswing Challenge through the yahoo group of the same name asks for participants to read a selection of books fitting different criteria. This year the books are: two books whose title contains the first letter of your first and last name, two books by an author whose first name begins with a "D", one book by a female author whose first name is Mary, a biography about someone you have always been interested in, and a book of short stories. Surely I have books to fit this one already waiting on my shelves.

The 2010 Global Reading Challenge asks participants to read at least one book from the continents of Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, North America, and South America. Seems like a good way to dip into lots of different types of literature, doesn't it?

I am the champion at buying books and putting off reading them until they have aged like a fine wine. OK, seriously, I am terrible about reading things as I buy them so I figure I need a challenge like the Buy One Book and Read It 2010 at My Friend Amy. And to up the ante a bit, I am committing to level 3, which means I'll read 12 of the books I buy this year just as soon as I get them.

The Romance Reading Challenge at The Bookworm blog is one I really like. It helps that I manage to complete it every year, unlike many others. So I'm joining up again to read at least 5 romances (traditional and non) in 2010.

I am a bit late signing up for the Darling Daughters Reading Challenge at By Hook or by Book but better late than never, right? This one asks participants to read books with the word daughter in the title, one for each month of the challenge, which runs Dec. 8, 2009 through Oct. 3, 2010.

The Art History Reading Challenge is one I didn't complete this past year but I had a good old time trying so I'm going to sign myself up again. This year I am just going to shoot for 3 books and see how I do.

The Chick Lit Challenge at The Twiga Blog asks participants to read 8 chick lit novels over the course of the year. I didn't manage to read the 10 needed to complete last year's challenge, I figure I can shoot for the 8 this year and hopefully make it.

The Third Time Is a Charm Challenge, hosted through the A Novel Challenge Yahoo Group, asks participants to read 3 trilogies. I don't know if I can come up with 3 that I haven't read at least the first book for, but I'm sure going to try!

The Rainbow Connection Challenge asks participants to read 7 books with either the title or the author (or do a double rainbow and do both) spelling out ROYGBIV. I'm fairly certain in all my other challenge reading I can squeeze a ROYGBIV or two out of my books. Of course, this one doesn't run all year so I'll have to squeeze then in between January and June.

The Read and Review Challenge at MizB's Reading Challenges helps keep me on track with getting my reviews done in something close to a reasonable timeframe so I am definitely signing back up for this one.

The Read Your Own Books Challenge at MizB's Reading Challenges is one that is completely up my alley. Choose the number of books you want to read from the immense stash of books you own and have at it. I think to make life interesting, I'll commit to 50 of my own books.

The Reading From My Shelves Challenge at Bibliophile by the Sea should be a tough one for me. Not only does it ask participants to read their own books, but to pass them along in some way, thereby getting them off your shelves. Since I have a load of trouble letting books out of my possession, I am only going to attempt 20 books. Well, only 20 books that I will subsequently give away. This could be a painful challenge. ;-)

The Young Readers Challenge at Young Readers asks readers to read 12 books classified as Easy or Juvenile in the library. Since this is the last year I might be able to do this challenge by reading some of the books T. brings home from school, I thought I'd play along. (Might play along after he is completely and totally past these books too but I love being able to tell him that I need to read his books too.)

The Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century Women Writers Challenge at Becky's Book Reviews asks participants to read a minimum of 2 books written by 18th or 19th century women writers. I failed miserably at this challenge (or one like it) last year, reading only one. I am determined to do better this year so I'm shooting for 2. ;-)

The New Author Challenge at Literary Escapism challenges participants to read 15, 25, or 50 new to you authors over 2010. I'm going to try to read 50 but we'll see how that pans out.

Many more challenge posts to come because I have zero self-restraint!


  1. That's quite a lot of challenges! You're going to have so much fun! Good luck!

  2. That memoir challenge looks interesting! Hmmm...maybe I'll be adding to my challenges again.

    - Christy

  3. Whew! That is quite the list of challenges! This is the first year that I will be participating in any year-long challenges, so I kept mine down to five in the hopes that I can complete all of them. I'll be joining you on the chick lit challenge, the new authors challenges, and the RYOB challenge!! Hurray! Good luck with them all!

  4. Wow! You are the queen of reading challenges. :-)


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