Wednesday, August 19, 2009

You like me. You really, really like me. (Or I like me.)

I just opened an e-mail telling me that this blog had been nominated for Most Eclectic Taste for Book Blogger Appreciation Week. My initial response was, "Well, that's about right." My second response was, "Was this the category in which I nominated myself?" The answer is probably. I'm not sure I have a big enough following to have garnered any nominations from others but I'm going with it anyway because I do indeed have wildly eclectic taste. And if I want to delude myself into thinking that someone else out there threw my name into the hat as well, I'm not hurting anyone, right? I don't have any illusions about making the short list for final voting (but be assured I vote for myself every day of the week and twice on Sunday given half a chance!) but it was kind of fun trying to decide which five posts are most representative of my blog and my reading. I know what I came up with. I wonder what you all would have chosen. Don't worry, you can tell me and it's too late to change my picks. So, if you've been reading me for any length of time, what post or posts would you have sent the judges?

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