Sunday, August 16, 2009

Sunday Salon: Slice of life

Although I have had a lot of reading and reviewing to do this week, I chose to drift around my house aimlessly instead. Should I chalk it up to being in the midst of a book that didn't thrill me to the tips of my toes or is it a general reaction to the malaise that seems to be hitting my kids now that there's just a little over a week left before school starts? Sometimes even reading can't drag me out of my non-action.

So instead of reading, I went school supply shopping. Usually I love this. This year I goggled at the bottom number on the receipt while mentally totting up the scattered sheets lying around the house that have additional school related costs attached to them and looming due dates. Argh! At least the youngest got great pleasure out of his new backpack and has worn it wround for the couple of days since we bought it.

I also took my daughter to be fitted for her very first pair of pointe shoes. It was a very long and involved process as she is apparently hard to fit. On the plus side, I chose well when I married my husband because my daughter's toes are a great shape for pointe (and this definitely didn't come from me). When we finally found a pair that fit her the way they should, she had the chance to go up on pointe for the first time ever. No wobbles, no hesitations, she just went gracefully right up on pointe. Even the woman fitting her (who was a long time dancer herself) noted how well trained she is to be able to pull that off on the first go. Now I just need to sew the elastics and ribbons to the shoes. Oh, and I may have a heart attack if she has a growth spurt any time soon since these shoes are insanely expensive.

I have about a million other errands still to run, all of them costly (remember the gorgeous camera I sank earlier this summer?) but I am trying to put them off as long as possible. In the meantime, I am happily back to reading, having finished the book that was stymieing me last week. Now I just have to get back to the reviewing and catch up on that backlog too!


  1. The ennui truck must have been making deliveries last week. I couldn't get interested in anything, either. In my case, I read instead of knitting or cleaning house, two tasks that really deserved my attention. The only good thing about a period like this is that I usually feel so bad about being lazy that I go into hyper-drive the next week and whip things into shape.

  2. I'm with Dani on the ennui truck theory. I think it's the End of Summer Blues. Even though I'm well past the years when school brought that feeling on, I think I still get grossed out by summer waving goodbye. Hopefully we'll all be over it soon!

  3. I get a bit out of whack when one season ends and another begins. In California the weather doesn't clue you in like it does in other places so I stumble around for a week or two in a daze. I have been reading for the last 2 hours and with kids in the house that's nearly an impossible feat.

    Yay on the pointe shoes! I love shopping for dance stuff but man, it is costly isn't it?

  4. What is it about summer that makes reading bog down?

  5. My reading seems to be going down this month. Something kind of sad about the end of the summer.

  6. Oh don't feel bad. August can be tough, especially when you have children to get ready for school. I remember being quite frazzled myself.


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