Sunday, June 7, 2009

Technology and kids

Yesterday, W. wanted to buy something on the internet. Being completely unrealistic parents, we have not yet presented him with his own credit card (hell's bells, we actually disabled texting on his phone due to excessive charges, evil parents that we are) and so he has to present each purchase to us, argue its worth, and fork over the money before we consent to ante up our credit cards to the cause. After much stress (by him) over whether we would allow him to squander his money, we ultimately decided that he could waste $10. He hauled his rear up to his piggy bank and came back downstairs clutching two sweaty $5 bills in his hand. Little brother T. stood watching the whole transaction. And when W. spread the money out flat, T. turned to me (wheels turning in his savvy little brain) and asked, "Where does he put the money? In the printer?" God bless the child, he thought our computer worked like an ATM (although when he's seen us putting money *in* the machine is a question).

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  1. That is so cute! I remember those days when my kids were young and fascinated by tech that we took for granted.


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