Saturday, October 3, 2009

Review: The Wedding by Julie Garwood

English Lady Brenna is on her way to marry the Scot to whom her father has betrothed her when her traveling party is overtaken by painted Highlanders intent on kidnapping her. She is summarily married off to the leader of the group, Connor, whom she had last met when she was a young child and a bit of a hellion. Quickly determined to make the best of her new situation, she determines to make a decent life for herself, her new husband, and his men. Connor is reluctant to let Brenna know the full extent behind his decision to steal her and marry her and he butts heads with her with almost every decision she makes. The sparring between the two main characters does ratchet up the tension in the book and made it a bit unbelievable that the headstrong Brenna would far so quickly and completely for her rigidly controlling husband. But there is enough give and take that this is ultimately a minor quibble. The resolution of Connor obsession is widely foreshadowed in this book so the climax and ending are both not terribly surprising but Garwood gets her characters to their required places with finesse. I enjoy Scottish settings and even though the revenge motive in romances is one that generally doesn't resonate with me, this one was a pleasant enough interlude in my reading.


  1. I enjoyed this one too but the spelling/editing errors in my copy really annoyed me lol

  2. I only vaguely remember this one, and always get it confused with another. My favorite Garwood is the Secret, by far, followed by The Gift. You make me want to reread this one though, just to refresh my memory.


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