Thursday, October 15, 2009

My son the writer

Spelling homework can be boring, especially in second grade. Normally T. looks at the homework assignment, grudgingly grabs paper, writes out his words in alphabetical order or three times each or puts them in a good sentence (good being defined as five words or longer--he is only in second grade after all), and does a dutiful but unenthusiastic job of it. So the other day, it was lovely to see him get excited about doing the homework. He decided, all on his own mind you, that simply writing sentences was not enough. He was going to write a story. With absolutely zero input from me, here's what he came up with (spelling, punctuation, and random capitalizations preserved, spelling words italicized):

The Boy and girl were playing and they got a snak. And went riding bikes and they were friends forever. And he said she was pretty. She said thank you with a blush. And so they were smiling so they were really happy. And they will always have each other. And before they went home they said bye. And before they came back out they took a snack. And each box was empty. in each Box there was a little crumb left.

So, to my slightly biased eyes, this is the perfect second grader romance. It's also clearly fiction. The boy and girl are sweet to each other during their playdate and their love is consumated at the end with a snack. How does life get any better than that? Oh, and I should note that the small author is the child who claims to have countless girlfriends. If he's already learned that compliments make girls happy, we could be in serious trouble! And if he continues to write, he can cultivate a poetic air a la Byron and then we'll really be in for it.


  1. That is just too cute! Looks like he will do well in school. Nice story for only being in second grade!

  2. *Claps* Bravo! That was just awesome! I can't wait for those days! :)

  3. That is adorable!

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  5. Adorable! My daughter has been writing stories since she could hold a pencil, and it's been fun trying to decipher them. She's coming along nicely, though.

    Diary of an Eccentric


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