Sunday, October 1, 2017

Sunday Salon: October Is National Reading Group Month

Did you know that October is National Reading Group Month? If you've been reading this blog for any time at all, you probably know it because I bang the drum every October. This year isn't going to be any different! In Women's National Book Association chapters all around the country, there are wonderful sounding events occurring to celebrate this tenth year of the program.

If you're in Charlotte, you can come to the 8th annual Bibliofeast with me!

Participating authors:

Jodi Lynn Anderson, author of Midnight at the Electric

Sarah Creech, author of The Whole Way Home

Sebastian Matthews, author of Beginner's Guide to a Head-on Collision

Bren McClain, author of One Good Mama Bone

Jim Minick, author of Fire Is Your Water

Michel Stone, author of Border Child

Caitlin Hamilton Summie, author of To Lay to Rest Our Ghosts

Leah Weiss, author of If the Creek Don't Rise

Tickets can be purchased here.

Local events are not the only thing about this month though. WNBA also publishes a carefully curated list of Great Group Reads, those books that will be wonderful for book clubs to read and discuss together.  (See below.)  The books are well written, topical, and will keep everyone talking about the book instead of car pool pick-ups and the like well beyond the first glass of wine. I am the Manager of the Selection Committee and I have to tell you, we're pretty proud of our list this year. These are some pretty amazing books and I hope you'll pick up one, two, or all of them! Happy Reading!!!

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