Sunday, November 20, 2016

Sunday Salon: What Should I Read Next?

I have a ridiculous number of books sitting on my bedside table and it is a little overwhelming sometimes to look at them and decide which one to pick up next. Rather than reshelving all of these to clear the bedside table, I thought I'd try another way to decide which to pick up next. I'm going to type out the first lines of each of them, without sharing what the book title and author are, and ask all of you to tell me based on this very limited information which one you'd pick up. And if no one shares their choice, I'll have my kids pick for me, at least until the stacks are back to manageable levels. So here are the options:

1. I miss the pigs.

2. God made clay; the clay made men; the men made war.

3. They send girls like me to the crazy house--or simply stone us to death.

4. I started out in life under a Communist leader and a Hollywood name.

5. "Shahaab, is this you?"

6. I want to live forever...

7. All around us, they descended for one last brilliant summer hurrah.

8. A tall old Indian in faded Levi's and a fine Zuni belt.

9. Fog encircled the island, a strangling grip, as search efforts mounted.

10. Sofia dropped her gym bag in the entryway and one soccer shoe fell out, streaked with a bright green grass stain from sliding past a defensive player.

11. The boy is standing in the doorway again.

12. Eliza spies the slim piece of card stock turned facedown in the mire, a perfectly formed rectangle lying on top of the slurry of mud and dung.

13. When he found out his wife was unfaithful, Hector Castillo told his son to get in the car because they were going fishing.

14. It isn't what you know or don't know: it's what you allow yourself to know.

15. The rain was heavy now and the hem of her dress was splattered with mud.

16. Bill Blair received his discharge from the navy on a September morning in 1954.

17. November has settled over Norrkoping, the town has been shrouded in mist all through the fall.

18. Pauline stopped to adjust her sweatpants as the other kids made their way out of dress rehearsal.

19. How is it possible to bring order out of memory?

So do any of these really jump out at you? I have to read a book for review first (It was late November, and for a week solid the rain hadn't let up.) but then I want to move on to one of these. Help me decide!

So far this week, my reading travels have taken me through some bonkers short stories about love. I watched as a young woman faced the truth about when her sister went away and the impact that had on her and the rest of her family. I went back to Corfu to potter around in the fantastic Durrell family again as their adventures on the island continued. I watched as a intellectually challenged man made friends with an elderly woman on a park bench. And I read through several couples' stories as they came together and found love at a Regency ball. Where did your reading travels take you this past week? And don't forget to weigh in on what I should read next!


  1. My reading took me to London or more specifically, inside the womb of a woman in London considering murder. It also took me on a cross-country road trip with an Asian millionaire and his family who had just lost their money. As far as the first lines go, I'd pick either #3 or #9.

  2. #1! #1! How can you resist "I miss the pig.?" !!?

  3. 19. How is it possible to bring order out of memory?

    But that is because I know the source of this first line. :)

  4. I'm late in commenting, but I'm going with #13 because it made me laugh!


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