Sunday, May 17, 2015

Sunday Salon: A Quick Jotting

This past week has been crazy hectic for me. In fact, I don't think there's a square on my calendar until the end of June that doesn't have at least one thing, if not two, four, or six things, written on it. No wonder I am so frazzled I can't remember my children's names half the time! This weekend is my daughter's annual dance recital. After this one, she'll only have next year left before she goes off to college so I feel a strange sense of things coming to an end too. Not that the end is in sight when I am backstage with all the competition girls, up to my ears in quick changes, scattering hair pins to the winds, and trying to keep costumes corralled in one place while changing a kid's hair style with my free (ha!) hand. It's not much of a reading and relaxing weekend, that's for sure! But even with all the things coming at me at the speed of light, my day is not right if I can't end it quietly sitting in bed with a book, winding down by escaping into other worlds and lives I could never imagine on my own.

This past week my reading travels have taken me to London with a woman who must learn her own worth; to New York for a jazz legend's final five night performance; to Regency England with a bluestocking resolved not to wed; and into Appalachia as mountains are destroyed, hollows are filled in, and one boy comes of age. Right now I am in Galveston just before Isaac hits with a woman who traveled there to marry an old acquaintance and escape a scandal in her Ohio hometown. Where has your reading taken you this past week?


  1. Here's hoping the craziness irons out for you! It's been the same at my house.

  2. I hope your schedule eases up soon!


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