Sunday, January 25, 2015

Sunday Salon

I spent 4 hours yesterday reading in the first National Readathon Day. I didn't ask anyone to sponsor me but I think I may fire them off a check myself since it's a great cause, one that clearly resonates with me. If you want to send one in my honor, in between puttering around with a bit of other stuff, I read 326 pages which meant finishing one book and reading almost half of another. The book I finished was the one I chose to read since my book club didn't pick it and the book I picked up after that was the one that happened to be closest to hand when I put the first one down. So I'm doing pretty well on the reading more randomly idea I cooked up. Now, just because I like to inject a little nuttiness into my world, I thought it would be fun to try and read a sentence. Yes, yes, books are made up of many sentences. I know. But that's not what I mean. I mean that, with the possible exception of the review books I already have on the calendar, it might be fun to pick a sentence and then find a book in my tbr mountain range that has one of the words in the title and read it. Obviously that means that I (or you, since I'm going to ask you to come up with the sentence) need to pick an unusual sentence. But let's not get too crazy. I mean, I don't think I have any books with the word xylophone or armadillo in the title and I am going to restrict the books to those I already have here. Note that this is not as much of a restriction as you might think (check my LibraryThing profile if you are worried about being too limited). So, any suggestions for sentences?

P.S. No idea how I'll choose a sentence if I get more than one suggestion but maybe I'll read them all. If I get too distracted to follow through, on one or more, you have my apologies in advance. ;-)

In my reading week, I started out in Iowa City with a woman who is searching for love and belonging. Then I traveled to Cuba where the name of a man who plunged to his death makes many of the inhabitants of Havana think that Castro is dead. After that, I went to Canada where the first woman to win an Olympic gold medal for Canada is now 104, confined to a wheelchair, and being filmed for a movie documentary by a young marathoner and her brother. Then I hurried off to Baltimore where two people try to see their romantic futures with odd results. Now I am in England in the Fens where a fifty year old man has received the heart of a sixteen year old boy and has another chance at life. Where have you gone on your reading travels this week?


  1. So...I have to ask what were the books you were reading yesterday? :)

  2. Not sure I could read that randomly. I hate it when I feel like I'm forcing myself to read a book.

  3. What about using the last sentence of your last book?

  4. Godo for you being a part of the readathon! Next year I will have to add it to my calendar :)

  5. Oh the Read a Sentence thing sounds fun!! Maybe use a favorite quote?

  6. As I drove to Canada, I regretted losing my son's passport, as I was not eligible for any carpool lanes without his presence.

    Is that a good sentence? It also explains why I didn't get to do the Readathon.


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