Sunday, May 19, 2013

Sunday Salon: That crazy time of year again

So it's the time of year when I read a lot and get completely behind in writing my reviews again. School is wrapping up, sports are wrapping up for the season but tryouts for next season are coming like a freight train, everything conspires to keep me out of my house and in my car. But it's a good time of year, even if I do get drastically behind. I've spent the past two days (and am about to leave shortly for another day) back stage at my daughter's end of year dance recital. I'm working in the room with the 7-12 year olds and the cutest moment for me so far was when three little girls watching the video feed from the stage squealed and pointed out my daughter: "There's Miss R." I asked them if she was one of their teachers (she's actually just an assistant but little people don't make that differentiation). They said yes and I got to tell them that R. is my little girl. I think I went way up in their estimation when I told them that. :-) Because I will be backstage again today, I am sadly missing W.'s end of year tennis banquet. I hate that everything is happening on the same day! In the past few weeks, the tennis season wrapped up for W. and the soccer season ended for T. My tennis team made the playoffs but we lost our match on Friday so it looks like States is out for us although we do have a final match on this coming Friday. So it's been busy, busy, run, run, run around here. But soon I will be able to sit by the pool and sink into my books without interruption, just as soon as I get T. through soccer tryouts next week and his 5th grade celebration ceremony in a few weeks. Oh, and when I'm not driving R. to her daily dance rehearsals for the competitive team's Nationals. Hmmmm. Looks like I'm going to get even further behind than already planned. Ah well. It's all good.

This past week, with five days of tennis matches in a row, I didn't get a whole lot of reading in myself but my book travels did take me into a county nursing home with a therapy dog and into the motivations of a father in the throes of a divorce and contentious custody dispute who abducted his daughter. I'm currently immersed in the world of professional musicians and the drama of their personal lives. Where have books taken you this week?

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  1. You are one busy lady! Congrats on making the tennis playoffs. Last week my books took me to an antiques shop in Charleston, a summer home in the Hamptons and a cupcake bakery in Oregon. Of the three I absolutely adored my visit to Charleston (with a side trip to Kentucky). Have a good week!


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