Sunday, February 17, 2013

Sunday Salon: Busy week and bookish family

This past week has been rather a busy one. My mom came to visit on Monday and my dad flew in on Wednesday. They came in because my daughter had her competition dance debut show and they were hoping to also see the youngest's soccer game and the oldest's tennis match, both of which ended up being cancelled thanks to one of our incredibly unusual snows down here. For many people, having houseguests means sacrificing time spent with books. And that was the case for me. But since we as a family are all readers, I didn't have to sacrifice as much time as I might have for someone other than family. When mom and I went shopping one day, we managed to hit three different book stores looking for some very specific titles. We made it to no other stores that day. And I pulled out the stash of books I have sitting in a closet waiting for me to host my next book exchange just before summer arrives and mom went through them to choose some for herself. Then dad claimed a book I had bought my oldest son but which my husband already owned and said he'd share. It's good to have a bookish family. Mom and dad leave today and then the plan is laser tag with the soccer team. Snow might cancel the game but we can still have the fun after the game. And then I can cozy up with another book and make my day complete.

This week my reading travels took me into a large Virginia manor home filled with antiques and a puzzling amount of fakes just after a theft, to Regency England where a woman steps in to marry the rakish Duke her sister is supposed to marry so she can save her family, through a novel based on chaos theory where one old woman's being mugged ripples through an ever expanding plot, and into a family grieving the brain death of one of their members even while they fight over whether or not to discontinue life support to this newly pregnant woman. What sorts of lives did you explore this week in your reading?

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