Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Safe From the Sea out in paperback!

I read this book last year and I still mention it with unbridled enthusiasm whenever someone asks me for a book recommendation. It is a truly magnificent book and it's out now, this very day, in paperback. So if you were waiting to read it, you have no excuse as you can do it less expensively than ever. If the fact that I'm still talking about it more than a year later doesn't convince you, here are a few excerpts from my review of it: "Geye's writing in this first novel is superb and even sublime" and "Everything about the novel was captivating to me, from the father-son dynamics to the running of the freighters. And the theme of events, certainly catastrophic events but also simple ones, that forever change lives and relationships is monumental and artfully handled. I can't say it enough: read this book and revel in its beauty." Want my whole review? Read it here. I'm not the only one saying this stuff though. Newspaper reviewers loved it. Bloggers raved about it. Industry publications enthused over it. It won the 2010 Indie Lit Award for literary fiction. Simply said, it's gorgeous and you need to read it. Go! Now! You can thank me later.

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  1. Oh, I think I have this on my list. Glad to hear it is out in paperback now.


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