Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Waiting on Wednesday

This meme is hosted by Breaking the Spine and is meant to highlight some great pre-publication books we all can't wait to get our grubby little mitts on.
For me, I can't wait to read: Booklover by Tim Bazzett. And unlike other books I have highlighted in the past, this one is newly released so we can all get our grubby mitts on it *right now.* The publisher's site reads:

As a member of perhaps the last generation of truly devoted readers, Tim Bazzett uses a lifelong love affair with books as a springboard to recalling an eventful life marked by unexpected twists and turns that took him and his family from Michigan to California to Europe and back, during his various stints as student, teacher, and recycled soldier. He reflects thoughtfully too on his 21 years as a Russian linguist with the National Security Agency, noting the sacrifices required by a career cloaked in secrecy and the toll it can take on a marriage. In the end, however, Booklover is most of all a love story, a nakedly candid and affectionate look back by Bazzett at more than forty years of living and raising a family, all with the same brown-eyed girl he met on a Michigan college campus in 1967. If you are a booklover, you will love this book.


  1. This seems like it definitely could be a great book. I am going to keepy an eye out for it.

  2. Sounds interesting. Although I'm closer to the author's age I think we all know his is not "perhaps the last generation of truly devoted readers". There are more and more young book bloggers proving that each day! I hope you get to read the book and let us know your thoughts :)

  3. Interesting. I hope you get to enjoy it when it comes out. Thanks for the recommend!!

    Here's my WOW

  4. This sounds fantastic... I am now a follower and will have to check this book out!

  5. Looks interesting. I hope that when you get your book, you enjoy it. Here is what I am Waiting On Wednesday for.

  6. This sounds excellent! Thanks for highlighting it.

  7. "As a member of perhaps the last generation of truly devoted readers"
    This just makes me sad :(


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