Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sunday Salon: Vacation books

It's the 4th of July here in the US and for many people that means summer vacation. This is definitely true for us (well, not for my long-suffering husband but sheesh, someone has to keep working so the kids and I can continue along in the manner to which we've become accustomed--okay, don't feel too badly for him as we'll vacation later as a whole family so he's not entirely missing out). And what does vacation mean? It means packing. And not just clothes and swim suits and all the assorted things my mother calls and asks for last minute either. It means packing books. And that means going through the stacks and seeing which books make the cut for the trip and which don't. It's the summer book lover's version of the draft.

Since I am going for a week and then returning only for a brief time before being gone again for quite a while, I have to pack a lot of books. You just never know what you'll be in the mood to read at any given moment on vacation, right? Some books are a no brainer. Anything with a bookmark in it is guaranteed a spot in my luggage. But after that, the field opens a bit wider. I take any upcoming review books--and sometimes those that I didn't get to in time (better late than never, right?). And being an inveterate list maker, I also take all the books I have listed that I intend to read for the month (and maybe a few of next month's as well given how contrariwise my reading mood can be). At this point, my vacation book list is up well into the 50's so it's a darn good thing we drive. Those extra baggage fees (plus the over 50 lbs. fee) might make it financially out of reach for me to go on vacation overbooked like this!

I know I am completely and totally alone in taking so very many books along with me (and now you understand why I managed to destroy somewhere in the neighborhood of 70-80 books when the boat sank last summer. But I'm sure all readers face the vacation book dilemma. So how do you determine what you take with you or do you rely on local bookstores and the airport gift shop to supply your vacation reading?

This week I spent time in Tsarist Russia watching as first a young woman fell in love and was spurned and then once available, the object of her affection finally realized what he had missed out on, falling hopelessly for her. I also helped rescue dogs from a shelter as one of the vet techs there finally opened herself up to happiness and love, emerging from the shadow of her selfish but charming ex-husband. Bookmarks continue to work their way through a variety of other books as well.


  1. I remember your floating book story from last year -- good thing they are inflatable...LOL

    When we do a beach vacation, I take (1) book for each day I'll be away (just in case I pick a few I don't care for). I always pick books that get left at the resort once I finish them, for someone else to enjoy --that way I don't have to carry them home :)

    Have a wonderful summer....beach, lake of family visit?

  2. Sounds like books on an eReader might help for a vacation trip! Enjoy your reading. Here are my current reade: My Sunday Salon.

  3. Picking out books for vacation reminds me of last year, when I was getting ready. I thought I had plenty of books, but I finished all of them by the middle of the week!

    Luckily, I was able to get more!

    Have a great trip.

    Here's my salon:

  4. I like to take a longer book that is best read in long stretches since vacay is the only opportunity I have or that. I also like to take one book about or set in the location I am visiting. I never saw the appeal of e-readers until I took a 3 week trip around India in Jan and my bags were packed with books while my roommate had only her Kindle!

    Enjoy the vacation!

  5. I always end up taking a bunch of books along on vacation- usually the ones that I've been wanting to read for a long time but have been putting aside in favour of review copies! Too bad that I don't get more vacation :)

  6. I aim for a book a day, plus any books that yell loud enough to go in the bag. So I brought 12 books for my 8 day vacation, ignoring the fact that I'm driving all day for two of those days. And that I'm staying at a house chock full of books.

  7. My favorite past of packing for vacation is packing the books I am taking with me!

  8. Love this, as I have a very similar post up for my Sunday Salon today. I have 13 books slated for a week's vacation (with possibly a 14th) and my husband thinks I'm nuts. I love that you're taking 50+ books with you!

  9. If I am going to travel locally - meaning I'll have my own car - I take a book for every day I will be gone. When going abroad, I take enough books to keep me busy on the flight out and budget for buying more books once I am there. It makes for less heavy carrying at the beginning of a trip.

  10. As many as I can cram into the bag set aside for books! Like most others here, I tend to plan for a book a day.


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