Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A-Z Wednesday

Reading at the Beach is hosting A-Z Wednesday where bloggers take the time to highlight one book that starts with the letter of the day. This week is the letter M.

Me, Chi and Bruce Lee by Brian Preston is patiently sitting on my desk awaiting my review. I'm hoping against hope to get that written sometime this week although it probably won't post until next week at this point.

Amazon has the uninformative: "Me, Chi, and Bruce Lee is a rollicking fun book, a great read that both takes us around the world and allows us to explore our own inner martial journey" as its description. But a reviewer says:

After years of running from danger, Brian Preston decides to learn to defend himself. He enrolls in a Kung Fu Academy. His plans to earn a black belt, or at least a blue belt, are derailed when he suffers rib and shoulder injuries - and his daughter Grace is born. While he heals he embarks on a series of trips to explore the history and various kinds of martial arts. His journeys take him from a quiet walk up a mountain in China to a seat at the rowdy Ultimate Fighting Championship. By the end of the book, Preston finds a form of martial arts that works for a so-called "spineless wuss" like him.
Preston writes in a readable style that alternates between a personal journal and a martial arts history lesson. I didn't know anything about martial arts when I started reading this, but neither did Preston when he began writing, so this book worked out well for me. I would recommend this book to anyone who is interested in martial arts, or anyone who enjoys reading adventure-type memoirs. My only wish was that it had a few photos!


  1. Not a martial arts person. Is this a memoir?

  2. I loved the title - the book sounds like fun even though I don't think martial art is my 'thing'
    Here's my letter M

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  4. going on my short list of TBR right away. This sounds like an awesome read.
    My M Book

  5. Great "M" choice!!

    Thanks for playing!


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