Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter candy and ham

Easter candy is really a gift from Satan, isn't it? Having my kids' baskets around is not doing my will power, self-respect, or waistline any good. It's also killing my credibility as a good mother (Mom, did you eat my peanut butter egg while I was at school?). It was definitely a mistake to buy things I liked to put in their baskets. But when else can you get those luscious Cadbury eggs--creme or caramel? Evil, it's pure evil. (Wonder if the stores still have some of these goodies on clearance or have the other shameless, basket-pilfering parents beaten me to it?

Donuts should never be allowed in my house. I will even eat them two days later adn stale, stuffing them in hand over fist before the kids get off the bus and want one as an after school snack. "Sorry guys, mom ate them all. Why don't you choose something from your Easter basket? Oh crap! I ate that too, didn't I? Have a carrot or something."

What is it about 1pm that inevitably sends me into a food coma? If I am at home after I have lunch, I sink gracefully onto the couch and drift into a nap after eating. OK, I collapse in a sleepy, drooling heap but I could be graceful about it if I wanted! The food coma is from the sugar crash, you say? No! Sugar doesn't affect me that way at all and I don't really eat sugar anyway. Just ignore the progressively emptier Easter baskets. ::snore::

So now that the candy is just about gone and it's time to play hunt the foil wrappers down from wherever the kids have stashed them in an effort to keep them away from sugar-addict mom, we turn to other Easter bounty (I originally typed Eater instead of Easter--maybe I should have left it!). What in the holy heck do you do with 100 pounds of leftover ham? We're already tired of ham sandwiches and I foolishly made spaghetti carbonara *before* Easter so that option's out. Tonight we are having ham, Swiss, and apple bisuits but I'll still probably have two large plastic bins full of ham once I'm done making those. Any suggestions? I'm contemplating buying clearance sale Easter candy, melting it, and drizzling it over the ham in an effort to make leftovers for the fourth day more appealing to the short crew. Or maybe I'll stud it with jelly beans instead of cloves. Oh wait--I already ate all of those too!


  1. HAHAHA! That's hilarious. I have to confess that I, too, am a candy thief. But my kids are too little to notice their candy is slowly disappearing, so I'm safe. I think of it as saving them (and me)from the dreaded sugar hangover. The day after Easter is EVIL!

  2. Ham & rice croquettes? It's rice so it's "healthy" but it's fried so it tastes good (and the ham is minced so it doesn't taste all hammy & Eastery)

    It also freezes and then you can whip it out a month from now and make pea soup or ham & noodle casserole or some such "user-upper-of-Easter-Ham-Casserole"

    Birgit who got another god-d*&%ned Easter Bunny when she gave blood 2 whole days AFTER Easter so now I have three to eat...


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