Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sunday Salon: Reading month in review

January was a pretty good month for me reading-wise. I read 11 books in their entirety: Amy's Answering Machine by Amy Borkowsky, I Wanna Be Sedated edited by Faith Conlon and Gail Hudson, The Water Babies by Charles Kingsley, How Not to Live Abroad but Shaun Briley, Firmin by Sam Savage, Fingersmith by Sarah Waters, The Garden of the Finzi-Continis by Giorgio Bassani, Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, Cordero's Forced Bride by Kate Walker, The Red Queen by Margaret Drabble, and The Viscount's Bride by Ann Elizabeth Cree. I didn't manage to finish any of the books I've carried over from 2008 but that'll come. My favorite book of the month was probably The Red Queen. It was a really engrossing read. My least favorite would be either Amy's Answering Machine or Cordero's Forced Bride. I finished three challenges this month and am now in spitting distance of finishing several more. It was a pretty good reading month full of satisfying reads that kept me up way past my bedtime.

Looking forward to February, I have 3 review books I need to tackle. The good news is that I am already half way through one of them. I also have 6 reviews from the January books to write and post so I need to get on that and not fall so far behind. I have one challenge that finishes up in February but it'll definitely challenge me to complete it since it calls for me to finally get back to and finish War and Peace. In general, it's looking like it'll be a pretty good month. And if I actually finish W&P in a timely manner, I will probably gloat at book club, so that'll make the read worth it too!


  1. You did great in January. Good luck for February!

  2. I'm trying to make my way through a lot of old, yet highly regarded books this year. I'm aiming at reading Great Expectations, To the Lighthouse, Once and Future King, Black Beauty, and Three Men in a Boat.

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