Friday, July 11, 2008

In need of a self-esteem boost

My sister and I walked down to the produce stand yesterday to get some blueberries and other assorted goodies. While there, she had to take off chasing after my imp of a nephew, who thought it might be fun to take off at a dead run into the parking area. While she was chasing the maniacally laughing little stinker, the produce guy asked me something about my daughter. Unfortunately, he didn't mean 9 year old R., who I do occasionally claim as mine. He was talking about my sister. That would make me a grandmother and old enough to have a daughter in her thirties! Holy cr@pola. That just isn't funny, although the rest of my family is getting mucho mileage out of this. I mean, I know I'm going grey at an alarming rate these days, but really! I'll just go grumble and whine through my toothless gums over here in my old lady corner. :-P

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