Saturday, November 13, 2010

Saturday Shout-Out

On my travels through the blogging world, I find many books that pique my interest. I always add them to my wish list immediately but I tend to forget who deserves the blame credit for inspiring me to add them to my list (and to whom my husband would like to send the bill when I get around to actually buying them). So each Saturday I'm going to try and keep better track, link to my fellow book ferreter-outers (I know, not a word but useful nonetheless), and hopefully add to some of your wish lists too.

Stretch by Neal Pollack was mentioned on Beth Fish Reads.

Keeping Time by Stacey McGlynn was mentioned on Bookin' With Bingo.

The House of Slamming Doors by Mark Macauley was mentioned on Reading Matters.

What goodies have you added to your wish lists recently? Make your own list and leave a comment here so we can all see who has been a terrible influence inspiring you lately.


  1. Have done my own Saturday Shoutout here.In fact your review of The Girl Who Fell From the Sky in featured!

  2. Oh I know, this blogging business is seriously increasing my wishlist.

    This week alone I have added

    The Dressmaker - Posie Graeme-Evans
    The Captive of Kensington Palace - Jean Plaidy.

    Not my usual genre but for a personal reading challege.

    enjoy ur weekend!



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