Sunday, November 14, 2010


I love the tastes of the holiday season and by holiday I mean starting with all kinds of candy at Halloween and extending through cookies at Christmas. The weather may be for the birds and the lack of daylight might have me moping in a gloom but the sugar rush! Oh, the sugar rush! I have long known that moderation is key at Halloween. And I am proud to say that I have not yet succumbed to the temptation of sneaking candy from my kids' bags (yes they still have candy left but I think they've inventoried it). I try to offer the leftover mashed potatoes to the rest of the family before I dig into them on the day after Thanksgiving. (But the butter! Oh, the butter!) I make all of my favorite Christmas cookies to put in other people's stockings because once I have slaved over a quadruple batch of something, it's a cold day in Southtown, USA before I want to sample even one. But I fear I have no restraint with eggnog. And I fear that light eggnog is only light if you don't drink the whole carton all at once. Do I really have to learn another food coping mechanism this time of year? Seriously? ::sigh::

This post was written as a part of Beth Fish Read's Weekend Cooking meme in which I contribute very sporadically. Feel free to join in or just to surf through other folks' contributions.


  1. Eggnog is by far one of my favourite parts of the holidays. The two of us have already finished up our first carton and it's all I can do not to rush out RIGHT NOW to get more.

  2. Pour in a splash of rum and thin it with a bit of milk and I'm there with the eggnog -- in fact, I'll fight you for it!! I love your photo -- I actually didn't know there was soy version. When it comes to eggnog, I just go for the real thing.


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