Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday Firsts

A new meme by Well-Read Reviews, Friday Firsts highlights first lines from your current read. Officially:

The first line can make or break a reader’s interest. Just how well did the author pull you in to the story with their first sentence? To participate in this weekly book meme is extremely easy.

Grab the book you are currently reading and open to the first page.
Write down the first sentence in the first paragraph.
Create a blog post with this information. (Make sure to include the title & author of the book you are using. Even an ISBN helps!)
Did this first sentence help draw you into the story? Why or why not?

From An Inside Passage by Kurt Caswell:

"Late summer blackberries are gone now."

This is a slim little book but so far it is really gorgeous. The first line is pretty indicative of the fact that you will be reading lovely, observant naturalist essays here.

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  1. It reminds me of a lot of the text we had to read in college. My university was all about conservation and land, and saving our natural environmental resources. I am sure this would have been a great book to read (based on the first sentence, and what you said following). :)

    Thank you for participating! :)

    Well-Read Reviews


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