Thursday, September 17, 2009

A bit disappointed

I hadn't even considered getting a second dog. The one we have has medical issues (beyond just getting into the chocolate). The last thing I needed was another dog. But a friend of mine who has the fortitude to volunteer at the pound e-mailed me that a miniature schnauzer had arrived there and would I be interested. I mulled it over. I talked to D. I even asked the kids (yeah, yeah, what kid ever turns down another pet?). And so I called the pound and made sure that he hadn't been surrendered because he snapped at children or was desperately ill or anything. I had to call, you know, because if I had seen him, I would have brought him home no matter how many arguments there would have been against bringing him home. And everything seemed perfect. So I collected the instigating friend this morning and we drove to the pound to find out that the little guy had already been rescued yesterday. It bothers me that they say he was rescued as opposed to adopted since I worry that means he is still looking for a permanent home, but I guess I should just be glad he's been sprung from the pound, right? But I'm feeling sort of down about the whole thing. I mean, I had already sort of adopted him in my heart, even without laying an eye on him. And I had the perfect name. He would have been Gatsby to our Daisy. ::sigh:: (Yes, I admit to this last bit so you all can mock me and chivvy me out of my mopeyness.)


  1. When dogs are "rescued" from a pound/animal shelter, it is usually a VERY GOOD THING. Most rescue groups work very hard to make sure that the animals in their care (private homes, almost always), get the medical and emotional attention that they need. They are very strict about doing home visits for potential adoptive families, and the take into consideration, each dogs personality and medical needs (if any).

    I was a foster parent for a pug rescue group in Florida. I had to have a home visit study, prove that my pets had all their vaccinations, and were current with heartworm preventative treatment. They checked with my vet, and with references that I gave them.

    Foster families know a lot about the breed(s) that they work with, and quite often foster rescues, will end up being adopted by their foster families.

    So, please don't worry. I'm sure that "Gatsby" will be well taken care of, and find just the right Forever Family.

  2. Gatsby might have been a book eater. Those dogs are out there. I had a book returned today, chewed to pieces by a sweet little dog. Let's just imagine that Gats would have had a field day at your house and is now living happily at a home of a tv addict.

  3. I feel your disappointment but I love debnance's solution to the blues!

    Of course, now that the idea of another dog it out, please let us know when the new arrival get there. ;-)

  4. I am sorry it didn't work out! Now that you know you sort of what a second dog, though, you can always actively look for one... There are lots of dogs in the world that need loving homes. :)

  5. You are completely entitled to your mopiness over the dog your heart had already welcomed. I have no idea how our attachment to dogs works, but I get it, how you feel. Conversely, I went in search of "the" dog to be our second dog having lost one in April to illness and came away last weekend without a dog. The family was shocked. But this next dog, he won't be just any old dog, he'll be the one.
    Same for you.

  6. I love, love, love Gatsby and Daisy! Now you have to keep on seraching for another dog!

  7. Thanks to all for the sympathy about missing out on Gatsby.

    Libby--I know that rescue folks are amazing. I'm just sad he went to them because we would have been a forever home. My family has had miniature schnauzers since I was all of 7 years old (too many years ago to count) so we're pretty familiar with the breed too. Anyway, I hope he finds the right family since we weren't destined to be it.

    Deb--Thanks for the laugh, suggesting that he'd be a book chewer. Oh the horror! Obviously I was saved from a terrible fate. LOL!

    I do think we'll probably welcome another dog into our family at some point, preferably from the pound or a rescue rather than a breeder though, so it could be a while before canine #2 does come into our lives.


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