Saturday, September 5, 2009

ABC Meme

I am very inconsistent about filling out memes that have been passed on to me. There's really never any rhyme or reason for when or why I choose the ones I do. But since Amy of Amy Reads Good Books tagged me with this A-Z meme when I am in the midst of writer's block regarding all the books I have stacked up to review currently, I thought I'd play along and see if it didn't jiggle the ole brain enough to get back to the books.

Here are the rules:

1. Link to the person who tagged you
2. Share your ABC’s
3. Tag three people at the end by linking to their blogs
4. Let the three tagged people know they have been tagged by leaving a comment on their website
5. Do not tag the same person repeatedly but try to tag different people, so there is a big network of bloggers doing this tag

Available or single? Married, although my husband says I'm available to anyone who can afford me. I think he's joking...

Best Friend? Do I have to choose? I seem to have different best friends for the different seasons of my life.

Cake or Pie? Flan or creme brulee instead, well, unless cheesecake is a cake and then I think cake.

Drink of choice? Water

Essential item for every day use? My brain (not that it gets as much daily use as it should)

Favorite color? Blue

Google? Frequently

Hometown? Don't have one--have moved too many times

Indulgences? Books, purses, stationary, food (although I'm trying to cut down on the latter)

January or February? January

Kids and their names? W., R., and T. (I try not to put their names on here so that later in life when they are in therapy and blaming me for oversharing I can always disavow that the initial was really them--either that or I have an 18th century sensibility)

Life is incomplete without…? People who love you

Marriage date? May 27

Number of siblings? 1

Oranges or apples? Oranges

Phobias and fears? Needles and snakes

Quote for the day? "When someone really loves you, that's when you become real."--The Velveteen Rabbit

Reason to smile? Friends

Season? Spring

Tag 3 people?

Rebecca from Lost in Books
Deb from Readerbuzz
Lisa from Books, Lists, Life

Unknown fact about me? I wrote a collection of short stories in college that no one save my family and my advisor have ever been allowed to read. I haven't read them in years either but I do have one of the three total copies ever created tucked away on my bookshelf.

Vegetable you hate? Asparagus

Worst habit? Yelling

X-rays you’ve had? Sternum, foot (same one four different times), spine

Your fave food? Cheese

Zodiac sign? Aries


  1. It's great to get more insight into you as a person. I too am not a fan of Asparagus. Though I'm not a fan of vegetables in general.

  2. Uh-oh, I've been tagged! Better figure out the answers to the questions like Marriage date. Um, 0-0-00? I will get it up this weekend.


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