Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I went to volunteer for my very first shift at the elementary school library. I had very little to do; so little I wonder why they have a volunteer shift during the time I was there. I checked in about 6 books, checked out about 3 (and admittedly forgot to stamp them with the due date stamp--I guess it's hard to hire good help these days and I recommend they dock my pay immediately!), straightened *all* the shelves in the library and then stared off into space for an hour. I forgot to take a book with me in case of boredom. But I honestly didn't think I'd be bored. I mean, how can a bookaholic be bored silly in a library? And I have to add that I can see why my kids don't love to check books out at school. The books we own are far more appealing. Is it a rule that library binding means dull and uninspiring looking? Yes, yes, you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. But we all do and I have to say that grimy, neutrally colored books are not a draw at all. Even worse, I have more of the currently popular books than the library does, unless every last one of them was checked out. Such a disappointment.

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  1. Did you try Korman? He has a bunch of fun books. And Kehlet. I like some of the old boring library covers, so I bet I would have found something to read.


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