Tuesday, September 16, 2008


So after spying on my kids' lunch choices yesterday, I was pleased to find out that the middle child did indeed buy green beans yesterday. She likes them she says. (I suspect they are the nasty, cooked to mush, loaded with sodium, right out of the can variety but I guess beggars can't be choosers.) Her brothers were greens free, per usual. And the oldest took his ala carte choices to a new level yesterday. He bought both ice cream and a cookie! I suspect that this is to make up for the fact that the cafeteria ran out of cheese pizza and he was forced to have a cheese quesadilla instead, which they had the nerve to have adulterated with onions and green peppers. If I were a betting mama, I'd say I paid for a cheese quesadilla that hit the trash with a mere one bite out of it. Oh, and food to waste wasn't W.'s only unnecessary expenditure yesterday. Somehow he's managed to lose his gym uniform after a mere three weeks of school. How does this happen given that they all went to Catholic school last year and kept track of multiple uniforms on a daily basis? Watch me flush another $30 away to buy another uniform (but if he loses this one, all future uniforms will come out of his piggy bank).

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