Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Crunching and boy/girlfriends

The 6 year old continues to entertain, even as he tackles adult topics. Yesterday, when his brother and sister were teasing T. about A., a little girl on his team for whom he seems to have a soft spot, being his girlfriend, he said quite seriously that he's not "crunching" on her. Quite the contrary. She's "crunching" on him. God bless first graders who don't even know the word is "crush" not "crunch."

And the older two had a bit of a matter of fact and disturbing to dad conversation about future boyfriends or girlfriends. R. wanted to know when she would be old enough to babysit T. without older brother W. around. Without waiting for an answer, she announced that it wouldn't be until W. had a girlfriend and was out with her. I thought hubby was going to choke on his pizza. He nearly had a coronary when W., instead of arguing that he was never going to have a girlfriend, said that R. would have a boyfriend by then too. I just laughed. My babies are getting older and starting to become aware of the opposite sex, or at least of the fact that older kids are actually interested in the opposite sex. Where has the time gone?!

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