Thursday, September 25, 2008

Charlotte meanderings

It's amazing how much nicer things look without ugly curtains blocking the view. (I finally found the oomph to take them down--still haven't tackled the boxes but I wouldn't want to over-extend myself.)

Does the south breed more blondes? Everyone here is blonde (and thin with flat tummies--as is they didn't actually birth their children). Ok, disingenuous question since it's clear that most of them pay for the blonde. But seriously, I've never seen so much blonde hair in all my life. Clearly I'll never fit in, although mother nature is ever so kindly turning me a shade of blonde too, white blonde.

Why is it completely impossible to find gas in this city? Every gas station I pass is out. And on rare occasions there is gas, there's a line into the street waiting for it. Plus two out of three cars seem to be SUVs so that isn't helping the gas situation here.

No one is from here. It's the complete opposite of Detroit where everyone has lived there since the year one. I think most of Michigan and Ohio's dwindling population now lives in Charlotte. I've never seen so many cars with Ohio State Buckeye stickers on them ever, not even in Columbus.

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