Sunday, September 7, 2008


Have I ever mentioned how much I love my friends? I go through waves of being completely lonely and depressed here (par for the course as anyone who has ever moved a long distance knows) and yet my friends have been so wonderful. Sometimes I get off the phone and cry because talking to them (you!) drives home how friendless I am here and other times a friendly voice makes it all bearable so I end up smiling. No telling which call will lead to which response either. And I do appreciate all of them!

Also, I must say I was tickled beyond belief when I mentioned my dismal musical situation in my last mupdate and I promptly received two offerings from friends. They are both great and both of them came on days I really needed a pick-me-up. I listened to both sets in the car first, just to see what was on them. My kids wondered why Eye of the Tiger is on both of them. I'm thinking this must be the official manifestation of the fact we're older than dirt. ::grin:: It was a bit much when none of the three kids knew anything about Rocky but if I keep playing my Run, Kristen, Run and Psych CD's, they'll at least be able to sing one of the songs that defines our generation. Oh, and to E. and J. who sent the CD's: Huge thanks in general and also specifically for not including Chariots of Fire. That one might just have been too slow, even for me to run to. And it did make me giggle that both of you included All Summer Long (which I already had in my own weird running mix). That is sure to date all of our mixes to this summer in particular, isn't it? Perhaps the CD's should be called something like "Mix for a child of the 80's running in '08."

Lest you all feel too badly for me, we do seem to have landed in a fun and friendly neighborhood so hopefully I'll get glad again soon. When several sets of neighbors found out I was running a marathon, they offered to spend Oct. 19th drinking a beer for every mile I run. I told them the pace I'll likely run will mean they'll be lucky to end up pleasantly buzzed. They were still willing to make the sacrifice for me though. Now that's solidarity with the new neighbor, isn't it?!

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