Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Status update as life encapsulated

Like so many other people I know, I have discovered the time sucking joys of facebook. Since I spend inordinate amounts of time on it, I thought it might be sort of interesting to see what my status updates say about me. Here are the ones I could pull up:

Kristen is starting to think this marathon training is for the birds.

Kristen is overwhelmed by the mess made by emptying all the moving boxes onto the floor.

Kristen is ridiculously thrilled to have her internet back.

Kristen is doing the carpool rounds.

Kristen is feeling smug she got 100% on the sixth grade grammar quiz at curriculum night.

Kristen is grateful the famous Carolina sun has gone into hiding today.

Kristen is likely to kill her oldest child today given the teacher's e-mail she just received.

Kristen is working on her latest "mupdate".

Kristen is stiff and achy after her 18 mile run this morning (just one 20 miler to go before taper time!!!)

Kristen is still in her jammies at dinner-time.

Kristen is annoyed Whitaker has lost his gym uniform a mere three weeks into school.

Kristen is eating crow.

Kristen is practicing splits with my daughter.

Kristen is having trouble shoe-horning my kids out of bed for school.

Kristen is wondering about the marketing genius who thought that saying their toilet paper left behind fewer bits was a good idea.

Kristen is hoping she's finished cleaning out the barf bucket for today.

Kristen is now stuck at home with a second sick child--here's hoping number three dodges the viral bullet.

Kristen is suffering from whatever the kids had.

Kristen is trying to catch up on everything she let slide this weekend.

Kristen is trapped at home with a flat tire and waiting for the AAA folks to come and pry the awfully tight lugnuts loose.

Kristen is thinking that running 6 miles followed by an hour tennis lesson may not have been the smartest choice.

Kristen is off to be indoctrinated in the proper uses of an elementary school library.

So what does this all say about me and my life? Apparently I am a lazy, whiny, boring person with rotten kids. Must work on this!

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