Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Insecurity and the little things

As I made clear in my last post, I am a whiny, boring person so if you read this latest whine, you have no one to blame but yourself. You have been forewarned.

Am I the only person around who still has the completely insecure, not-popular girl from childhood (through high school) still lurking inside of me? OK, you probably don't have me lurking inside of you 'cause that would just be weird but you know what I meant even if I didn't present it with my usual erudition. ;-) I went to my tennis lesson yesterday and had a major flash of feeling left out. After the lesson, everyone else went off together and I was left to sulk my way home on my own. Gads I hate being the "new kid" in the neighborhood. Is it any wonder I can sympathize with my poor socially immature middle schooler?

Oh, and yesterday also pointed out another, little-considered inconvenience of moving. Not only do you have to find new doctors, change your mailing address, switch kids' schools, and other assorted big things. But you should also remember the small stuff; changing your Triple AAA membership to the proper state is one of those things. Because if you forget, you too will run over a nail and have to call them. And let me tell you, when you are busy skipping the school meeting you are supposed to be attending as a result (okay, so running over the nail wasn't *all* bad as it gave me a legitimate and pitiable excuse!), you definitely don't want to be shunted from one regional office to another in the organization. It's like playing telephone when you were small. Even though you explain the situation to each customer service representative you speak to, someone along the way (I suspect the first out-of-state person I connected with rather than the second or third) will garble the heck out of your address and your butt will be stranded for hours.

So if you are me, you can be both stranded and moping. Look out pantry--emotional ravishment ahead!


  1. No no no pantry ravishment is not allowed....

    Whining, moping, oh woe is me-ing and even bubblebathing with glass of wine is approved though.

    I can definitely relate to the feeling left out oh how awful middle school was. But think of it this way at least you have the I'm new in town excuse. When you've been here 15 years and you still feel like an outsider, then the pity party can really start!

    Off to watch Project Runway!

  2. Well, perhaps one chocolate is allowed. I also have the 'left out' thing going on way too often. And I've lived here 7 years! Poor us :)
    Hope you make some friends soon.


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