Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wendy Wax's Kindle giveaway

Wendy Wax wants to give you a Kindle. Well, I hope she wants to give it to me actually. But she's giving one away to one lucky person on Facebook. And because I'm nice enough to share how to win (in hopes that you'll already have one and want to give your winning entry to me) let me pass along this press release: There’s just one more day left! Wendy Wax, author of MAGNOLIA WEDNESDAYS and the new novel TEN BEACH ROAD , out in May, is getting ready to give away an Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi. It comes loaded with one of her most popular books, THE ACCIDENTAL BESTSELLER. Just “like” Wendy by going to and clicking on the Kindle or go directly to Wendy’s Facebook page. The promotion ends on Thursday, 3/31/11.

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