Friday, May 15, 2009

Twitter and other Luddite nightmares

I gave in. Not only do I have a facebook account, but I signed up for Twitter. This is a major step for this cheerful Luddite who can get her knickers all in a knot even thinking about devices like a Kindle (I'll keep the heft of my books, thanks, although I wouldn't return a Kindle were it to be gifted to me). In any case, I get Facebook. I love Facebook. I have been having a good old time playing on Facebook and reconnecting with people. Actually, what I love most about Facebook is the status update thing. I compose status updates when I'm drifting off to sleep or when I'm in the middle of a really tough cycle class or when I'm standing with the kids at the bus stop or anywhere really. And I have fun with it. Lots of fun with it. A few recent examples:

K. actually drew recognizable hippos and elephants today. Mind you, the first grade boy I was drawing for was unimpressed by the lovely eyelashes I gave his hippo and left them off his final copy. Pint-sized ingrate!

K. is going to start her day grudgingly.

K. should probably take a shower sometime today, no?

K. now knows that Tilex removes the enamel finish on toilet seats. Just don't ask.

K. wonders if using the weed whacker on the flower beds constitutes gardening.

Sorry. Got a little carried away there. But I do love the status updates. So it seemed to make sense that I join Twitter because what is it but one continuous stream of status updates and comments on others' updates, right? Well, having floundered with it for a few days now, I think that it's really more along the lines of those online chats where I have trouble following the lines of the convo. This probably marks me as old. I just hate that I can't read the entire conversation. I don't like big parties for this same reason: I always feel like I'm missing something. So congratulations Twitter, you've reduced me to my insecure, dorky high school self. Props. I'll keep trying but if you make me cry at my prom, that'll be it for our relationship. Got it? You've been put on notice.

(And anyone wanting to share who they are on Twitter so I can follow them or even offer up some of the funny stuff they follow, I'd appreciate it. Right now I am following a couple publishers--I've already admitted to my dorkiness--and a couple of the blog writers whose blogs I follow. I seem incapable of locating most people though. Yes, I am stupid about technology and I'm totally okay with that. And incidentally, I'm booknaround there in case you aren't already totally sick of me here on the blog.)


  1. I'm trying the twitter thing, but I just can't bring myself to do regular updates, I think I'm
    A. too old to get the appeal
    B. Don't think anyone in the world really cares that I'm going to start some laundry, then go to Home Depot for bags of fertilizer, and pick up the kid on the way home. (Because, really, I don't ever care that I need to buy some bags of "poo" at home depot.)
    and C. Just can't follow all those conversations either, its like watching my kids carry on three conversations with three different people with texting. I don't know how in the heck they keep track of who's saying what.

    I need a continuous thread for each conversation, that I can scroll back to the beginning so I know what's going on. Otherwise, like you, I feel like the dork trying to join in that everyone sort of rolls their eyes at. (And high school was roughly, a million years ago, and yet....I remember....)

    Don't think I'll ever love Twitter, but...ehh...maybe?

  2. I like Twitter when I have time to spend on it - which isn't always. I just followed you. I'm booksandmovies there. :)

  3. I find Twitter to be a zen experience. I just like to dip my toe in the stream every now and then and see what people are chatting about. But a lot of my work colleagues are on Twitter--maybe that makes a difference? Anyway, come follow me if you care to:

  4. I love Twitter - glad to see you're on there!


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