Sunday, May 3, 2009

Review: My Fallen Angel by Pamela Britton

A paranormal Regency-set historical romance opening with a sea battle between hero Garrick Asquith-Wolf and pirate Tully St. Clair, our hero defeats the pirate but pays the price of his bold pronouncement that he is invincible as he is struck by lightning and pitched off the deck of his ship. As the reader finds out once the prologue is over, Garrick is now an angel tasked with protecting Lucy Hartford and the boy she's found and believes to be the long-lost, believed dead heir to the Earl of Selborne. Of course, keeping them safe is not going to be as easy as Garrick hopes given that Lucy is a walking disaster waiting to happen and that he is instantly attracted to her but must not touch her under the terms he's been given in heaven. This historical romance is chock full of wild, madcap adventures from kidnappings, to pirate battles, to visits from the devil and the unveiling of a scheming countess. The physical comedy can be a bit much as Lucy is incapable of doing anything gracefully or at the very least, without incident but at least it keeps the plot rocketing along. The attraction between the main characters is instantaneous (ie there's no development involved, it just is) and their fevered grapplings usually occur right before some other dramatic bit of plot bursts in and cools them down. While there are too many threads to juggle here, overall it's not a bad sort of read: fast-paced, goofy, and generally reasonably entertaining for fans of romances.

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  1. I love Regency Romances. This one sounds great. Thanks for the revie.


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